Solid Balance




There can be no health without Balance.

Despite what popular culture tells you to believe there is no perfect way to live.

Few can say they haven’t fallen for an all-or-nothing approach to fitness, diet or sleep only to find that whatever trend they're presently obsessed with isn’t a feasible way to exist. Having fallen prey to fads herself in the past, Sylvie now firmly believes sustainability requires homeostasis.

Through her coaching, Sylvie will help you to find a balanced path that aligns with your own beliefs while simultaneously building a quiet strength that will make you feel safer, stronger and more solid in your existence. 

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Your Coach

Since she could walk Sylvie has been inspired by  the SF/Bay Area to get out and move! It wasn’t until her mid-20's however, that she fully grasped the countless benefits of true strength. Once she began picking up heavy weights and putting them back down her entire quality of life improved. Today she thrives on sharing this knowledge, joy and vitality with others.

When Sylvie isn't in the gym she loves to explore San Francisco's restaurant, comedy and literary scenes. She has a great passion for spice and satire so it's probably best to take her with a few (million) grains of salt.




Weight Loss







Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Pre/Post Natal


Kettlebell Level 1

USA Weightlifting

Precision Nutrition Level 1


UC Santa Cruz, BA in Literature