Body Image Dilemma

A few weeks ago  Breaking Muscle posted this very quick read from Bob Takano.

I glanced at the headline: The Body Image Dilemma for Female Weightlifters, noted its relevance to nearly all things important to me and let the page sit, bookmarked and unread for three weeks on my lap top. 

Clearly, I'm not too busy to read this six paragraph piece. In fact, even my relatively limited attention span can handle Takano's concise style.

Furthermore, I generally suffer from the terribly unproductive affliction of pre-crastination so I can't even blame bad habits for this avoidance.

So in full disclosure I didn't read the article for the same reason I'm citing a NYT op-ed piece from December... 

...I'm looking for practically any way to appear clever and thoughtful without opening myself up to the layers of vulnerability it would take to truly discuss Takano's point in depth.

It seems most average people who spend any time inside a gym picking up heavy things almost always have conflicting goals.

1) To lift heavier

2) To weigh less

to further this unfortunate cycle, I, your trainer am expected (to a certain degree) to perpetuate the myth that you can truly have it all.

Now don't get me wrong! If you get stronger you will gain lean muscle mass, you will lose body fat, you will improve your basal metabolic rate.  Ultimately, you will look (and more importantly FEEL) much more fantastic.

It's not rocket science. For the most part we aren't true competitors. Nope, just weekend warriors whose moderate dedication to all the necessary regeneration techniques --due to time constraints, clearly -- hinders our full potential.

And this is fine, right? I mean I don't want to look like an Olympic weightlifter either. The issue here is that being strong and fit comes with unrealistic stipulations, that #fitspo means nothing of the sort.

We all admire this beautiful quote "I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it," and yet, as we glance around a gym or even consider an Olympian's everyday routine one has to wonder... Is this what we are telling others, or is this what we truly believe?

So, I challenge us all to live our most authentic lives. 

To dig a bit deeper.

Listen to what our bodies are asking for  rather than what the skinny bitch in the mirror suggests.

Hold onto that good feeling.

I believe workouts, gains, confidence and physical aesthetics will all follow suit.