How Dr. Adam Jacobs improved my life!

In early September of 2014, after intermittently struggling with hip pain for years it became increasingly difficult to walk. The pain was debilitating and difficult to explain. When walking became a practically impossible feat I went to the ER only to be told I was probably suffering from sciatica and to come back if I was still in pain next month. Baffled, I left with a prescription for vicodin and a pair of crutches. Nothing about my diagnosis made sense. I was ridiculously fit, fairly young and had spent countless hours working on my core strength and hip alignment all making the odds of sciatica slim to none. More likely would have been a fracture, as I had recently found out that I had osteoporosis. Despite this information the ER doctor refused to perform an MRI, instead she rolled her eyes and reassured me that 30-year-olds “just don’t break their hips”.

Two days later I went into the gym on crutches to train my clients. Though I felt physically miserable helping others was still bringing enough joy to make work worthwhile. I was very fortunate I pushed through the pain that day. The phenomenal sports-chiropractor, Dr. Adam Jacobs had stopped by the gym (as he often did on Tuesdays) to help my co-workers feel their best. He took one look at me and ordered the MRI himself, “you don’t have sciatica,” he said.

An hour after that appointment I was back in the ER, this time with Dr. Jacobs as my advocate.

“Sylvie’s hip is broken,” he told them, “ give her an ex-ray.” After that was a blur of emergency surgery to fix the full fracture in my intra-trochanter before I lost blood flow to my left leg. Today I can deadlift 1.5 times my body-weight and I feel almost no pain in my left hip.


As with any injury, l learned so much through this experience. I grateful to the many people who supported me through this life-changing injury and recovery process but noone more so than the wise and kind Dr. Jacobs who was paying enough attention and care to his patient to make sure I didn’t lose a leg. The medicine this practiced at SF Custom Chiropractic is educated, mindful and passionate. From helping me with my hip to helping clients with their shoulders he always improves one’s physical capacity. Working with him is truly amazing. Thank you Adam!