I have used the top trainers at the top gym in San Francisco for seven years. I've had the best results with Sylvie Boland, who started training me two years ago at Equinox. Now she works on her own. I could tell you about her specialized education and knowledge of fitness, health, exercise and nutrition. But bottom line is you will see results -- look and feel better -- faster with Sylvie. Plus you will have fun doing it.
I'm more fit and healthy thanks to Sylvie. Health is important, but more important to this (vain) guy -- I look better naked. Be honest. Isn't that why you are looking for a trainer?

--David N.

Sylvie was my trainer at Equinox, and she is absolutely stellar!  No doubt that she's a qualified trainer based on her background, but most importantly is how she incorporates and articulates her mastery to others. I'm a super gym-rat and been training for 8+ years, participating in a variety of workouts, such as kettle bells, yoga, suspension training, lifting, and high intensity intervals.  There was never a dull moment with Sylvie, which is essential to me because it takes a lot to keep me interested. 
Sylvie maximized our time at every session and I loved it (sweat and more sweat, yes please)! She customized my sessions to achieve the goals we laid out, and I felt my overall physical functioning improve (strength and mobility). She listens to me, learns how my body moves, focuses on proper technique, and motivates me everyday, during our workouts and even outside the gym...add personal motivator to her job description!  In a nutshell, Sylvie invests 100% of her time in others to be healthier and stronger, inside and out.

--Sabrina L.